How A Cosmetic Tattoo Can Disguise Bald Spots

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For all of humanity's achievements, there isn't yet a comprehensive cure for baldness. But it's certainly possible to create the illusion of a full head of hair when you have bald spots. Scalp micropigmentation involves having a tattoo applied directly to your scalp, creating the look of natural hair. The transformation can be remarkable, though you must remember that scalp micropigmentation is not a cure for baldness, and so must be approached in a certain way to achieve the best end results. There are a few key points to consider.

Best With Short Hair

The final result replicates the look of closely cropped hair (basically, a buzzcut). The tattoo will fill in the bald and balding portions of your scalp, giving the impression of short hair. If you attempt to grow your hair out or dye it, then the illusion becomes far more obvious. Scalp micropigmentation is most effective when you commit to keeping your hair short.

Working With Your Natural Hair

The process looks more authentic when it's surrounded by your natural hair. You'll achieve the best results by using this form of micropigmentation on the crown of your head. If you want a hairline to be created, it's best to be fairly conservative about its location, ensuring that the hairline isn't placed too low on your forehead.

An Irregular Pattern Looks the Most Natural

It's not as though the tattoo will be a solid block of color, and up close, it will have a slightly irregular pattern. This allows it to best mimic the appearance of human hair, with the ink marks added under your scalp intended to look like strands of hair. If you're unsure about how this will look, ask to see photos of the salon's previous work. 

Future-Proofing Your Scalp Micropigmentation

While the tattoo work will efficiently cover your existing bald patches, what happens if your hair loss continues? It's best to future-proof your micropigmentation, but this isn't difficult. The tattoo should extend beyond the margins of any bald patches, blending into the hair, and allowing coverage if the bald spot should grow. It's also possible to have the tattoo touched up in the future, should your bald spot grow beyond the initial application.

Your Skin's Reaction to the Process

That initial application is similar to having a tattoo placed anywhere else on your body. The results are immediate, although it's important to remember that your skin will react to the application process. There can be some redness on your scalp, but this will pass quickly (within days). You may need to carefully schedule any important business or social commitments for when the redness has faded. 

This type of cosmetic tattoo can be transformative, but it's important that you know precisely what the end results will look like. For more information about scalp micropigmentation, contact a local business, like Downey Hair Loss Solutions.