It's Time For The Talk, Guys: Manscaping 101...To Trim Or Not To Trim

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Until fairly recently, it was inconceivable that men would have to enlarge their concept of personal grooming to include body hair removal.  Today, though, manscaping is a perturbing existential conundrum for almost every man--but not a uniquely modern concept.  Research in evolutionary biology suggests that, for millennia, women have been attracted to mates with less body hair because--from the perspective of Neanderthals wandering in the wilderness--less hair equals fewer bugs and parasites.  Fewer bugs and parasites equals fewer infections and diseases; fewer infections and diseases equals healthier offspring with a greater chance of survival.  That, in sum, may be what Charles Darwin and the theory of natural selection think about male body hair.

On a more accessible, relatable level, women have just become more outspoken about their disdain for unibrows, back-rugs, and armpit hairs longs enough to braid.  In one recent survey, 71% of women thought that guys should manscape their backs--and 57% were repelled by a lack of such personal grooming standards.  This sudden cultural shift led to a daunting challenge for men--and they are constantly bombarded with information and advertisements on the subject.  Somewhere along the way, a fairly straightforward problem became an overwhelming debate about techniques, preferences, and gender expression.  Relax, guys.  Here are the basics of body hair removal, according to your level of comfort and familiarity with the concept:


These are the most basic, inexpensive options for hair removal.  They're best-suited for guys with just some scattered stray hairs, or maybe a small problem area:

  • Tweezers
  • Depilatory creams
  • Electric trimmers

These methods are ideal for unibrows, hairy ears, the occasional clean-up job, etc.  Though they can be used on large areas like the back and chest, the results can be extremely short-lived.


If your hair grows rather slowly--or if you just like a lot of pain--then you should consider:

  • Waxing
  • Sugaring (similar to waxing--but uses sugar paste instead of wax)
  • Electrolysis

Bear in mind that all of these methods require multiple procedures, which can become quite expensive.  However, the results will be smoother and last longer--usually several weeks as opposed to only a few days.  If, for instance, you just want to look groomed for a vacation on the beach, then these techniques are probably for you.


If you're serious about your manscaping--and, by all accounts, you should be--then only one method can deliver permanent results: laser hair-removal.  It's not cheap, but it's an investment in your appearance that, over time, will be considerably less expensive than dozens of waxing sessions.  Laser removal is the ideal solution for a woolly back or chest--even faces, knuckles, and, of course, nether regions.  Professionals have become accustomed to their male clientele, and many have even developed special packages just for the guys.  

If you're ready to get serious about your manscaping--or if you're just sick of spending hours tweezing and waxing--consult your local hair/skin-care specialist, such as Drs. Young & Wouters Laser Hair Removal, today.