Using Acupuncture Pints to Combat Stress

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Stress gets to all of us, no matter how good you are at keeping it under wraps. Many cite acupuncture as one of the best ways to release stress and to allow yourself to open up and relax. Along with your regular acupuncture session, there are a few points that you can stimulate yourself that will help with your stress. These points are especially valuable when you don't have the time to get to an acupuncturist or when you need a quick dose of calm in your life.

Spleen 4 (ball of your foot)

Oddly named to say the least, but this point is incredibly useful for calming your mind down when you are thinking too much. It makes sense, as most people enjoy a good foot rub now and then. The same relaxing motions that someone massaging your foot would make are the motions you should use right on the ball and inside of your foot to trigger yourself to shut down and relax.

Pericardium 8 (centre of the palm)

This is one of the easiest points to use when you are feeling stressed out, and is likely to send the least amount of attention your way. Simply apply pressure to the centre of your hand to relieve the stress that has overcome you. This actually is a very sensitive part of your body, due to the fact that it is actually slightly concave and thus does not make as much contact with things as the rest of your hand.

Anmian (behind your ear)

This point is also relatively easy to work with in an open environment. Simply place your fingers directly behind your ear and apply pressure towards your pointer fingers, rolling away from the ear. This is a particularly good point if your stress tends to show up as headaches and migraines. It directs the blood a little more towards your brain, calming you down and allowing the headache to pass.

There you have it, three relatively simple acupuncture points that you can use in your daily life that will calm you down on stressful days. These are certainly not the only ones that work and that you can use, only the easiest and ones that have proven effective. If you have comments or concerns about what may be right for you, contact your local acupuncturist, one such as Calgary Laser Health & Beauty Centre, and make an appointment to talk to them about your needs.