Modern Transformation Without Plastic Surgery: 3 Key Components

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If you are tired with the way you look but are confused as to what your options are, know that there are plenty of ways to change your look without going "under the knife." There are changes you can make to your hair, skin, and nails that all will transform your appearance. Here are three things to consider.

Platinum Hair: Game of Thrones Inspired

One of the most dynamic ways to change your appearance is by changing your hair color. If you are looking for a complete transformation, then consider platinum blonde. Platinum is a severe change for most people. It is complete reversal from most colors, so it makes a statement. The look has become really trendy thanks to one of the leading ladies of "Game of Thrones," Emilia Clarke, who portrays Princess Daenerys Targaryen. Platinum colored hair will definitely draw attention.

Full Body Tanning Salon

If you're someone who has pale skin, and you want to get a bit darker, then you can visit a tanning salon. Getting a tan at the park is fine, but if you don't lay out properly, then you will get bad coverage. This can leave visible tan lines, which will restrict the type of clothing you can wear. The other problem with tanning outdoors is that you're more likely to get skin damage. There some solutions to these issues.

You can get a full body tan, which might necessitate a private session at a local tanning salon with private booths. This will eliminate the problem of tan lines, though you still run the risk of skin damage if you tan regularly, just like if you were spending time outside. You could also consider getting a spray tan. These are great for people concerned about skin cancer. The "tan" in this scenario is a spray and not actually skin tanning from UV lights.

Well Manicured Nails Done At Home With Czech Nail Files

Finally, you should not skip your nails. People always notice beautifully done up nails. This is one area where you should take the time and learn how to do it yourself. You can visit a nail salon, but it's a good idea to become comfortable with doing your own manicures. Getting manicures constantly can be expensive. But if you do want your nails to be well maintained all the time, the simple solution is to get the materials necessary.

Ditch those flimsy emery boards and buy some high quality Czech glass nail files from a company like Snazzy Creations. These are very precise and they don't wear down almost instantly like those throw away emery boards. These nail files will allow you to really shape your nails perfectly, which is important when you want that super clean and manicured look on a daily basis. You should also get a nice stainless or carbon steel manicurists set to go along with the nail files. This should include push sticks, cuticle trimmers, and a variety of precision scissors.