2 Tips For Using An Organic Spray Tan Solution

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If you love having a tan, but choose not to get one because of the risk you pose to your skin by laying out in the sun, you should consider getting am organic spray tan. A spray tan will give you the same gorgeous tanned look, without the risk. A spray tan will be directly sprayed onto your skin and it takes a few hours to fully set on your skin and become the color that you would like it to be. The spray tan will then last you for a couple of weeks, at most, and you can enjoy feeling happy and confident with your tanned skin. When it comes to using an organic spray tan solution on your skin, you don't have much to worry about in terms of damage to your skin or body. However, you do want to consider the best way to use the organic spray tan solution. This article will discuss 2 tips for using an organic spray tan solution.

Thoroughly Clean Your Skin Beforehand

Before you ever get your spray tan, you want to make sure that your skin has been scrubbed clean. This will remove any dead or dry skin off of your body, thus reducing the risk of your spray tan flaking off. Before you get your spray tan, make sure that you don't apply any lotions or oils to your skin, because this creates a barrier between your skin and the spray tan solution, thus stopping it from staying on your skin. However, once you have waited the allotted amount of time, and have rinsed off the removable portion of your spray tan, you will want to apply lotion or oil to your skin to stop it from drying and flaking off your spray tan prematurely. Any lotions or oils are fine, but using organic will ensure that they are safe for both you and for the environment. 

Spray Evenly

If you are having someone else spray you, or if you are attempting to spray yourself in some areas, it is very important that that you are sprayed with an even layer of the solution. The gun itself is going to spray out a consistent stream of the solution, so it is up to the person controlling the spray gun to move the gun smoothly and consistently across all of the areas of your body where you'd like the spray tan solution to be.