The Five Biggest Mistakes Made With Botox Injections

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Botox injections are actually a great procedure for anyone looking to reduce the chance of wrinkles making them appear younger and even healthier. However, there are many mistakes that people make that ensure that botox injections aren't as effective as they should be. Here are the five biggest mistakes:

  1. Getting Too Much: Many people often get too much botox, which makes it less effective, especially in the forehead. What happens is that the build up will sometimes make the eyebrows start to drop, which can definitely age you and make you appear tired. On top of this, it makes your forehead look bigger. 
  2. Not Treating the Right Areas: You should know where you need botox injections. If not, you should at least be going to a professional who does. You shouldn't be the one to suggest where you want the botox, but instead there should be certain recommendations based on your appearance and age. For example, a woman who is starting to age should definitely get a face-lift. However, you shouldn't do this unless you notice a huge difference when you lift your own skin up physically and start to see that you look younger. Otherwise, it's probably not necessary yet. This is a great way to determine what areas you want to have the botox injections by using your hands to manipulate. 
  3. Expecting Your Whole Appearance to Change: Too often, people will expect their appearance to change drastically. When this happens, though, it means that your botox was not effective and it will actually make you appear older. The best change is subtle and you really should only look like a better version of yourself. 
  4. Not Asking About Credentials: While there are many people who provide botox injections in their office, this doesn't mean that they have their credentials. This means that they are not certified to do the treatment in a hospital, which often means that they do not have proper training. It's important to always go to someone who has the credentials, so be sure to ask about it. 
  5. ‚ÄčNot Take a Turn Down Seriously: Only the best surgeons will turn down a patient if they feel that the botox injections will not do much good for them. Be sure that you take this seriously if this happens to you instead of attempting to find a surgeon who will actually do it. This usually means you will end up going to someone who does not have credentials. 

Avoiding these five big mistakes will ensure that you receive botox injections that are going to be well worth it and effective.