Are You In Love With Lush Lashes? 3 Tips To Extend The Longevity Of Your Lash Extensions

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A set of full lashes adds a touch of youthfulness and beauty to your appearance, and there is just something amazing about how it feels to know that you look your best. While professional lash extension services use techniques that help to make your lashes last for a full growth cycle of six to eight weeks, you can also do your part to make sure that your favorite beauty treatment lasts. Use these tips to extend the length of time between your touch up services by caring for your new lashes.

Start With a Patch Test

Lash extensions are applied using a semi-permanent glue that bonds to your skin and natural lashes. While these glues are safe to use on human skin, it is possible to develop sensitivities that interfere with your comfort wearing the lashes. If this is your first time getting extensions, ask to do a patch test first. This helps to make sure that issues such as dry skin or swelling do not affect how the lashes adhere to your skin. If you do experience an allergy, then you might be able to try a different type of glue so that you can still enjoy having fuller lashes.

Follow the After Care Instructions

The adhesive used to secure the extensions to your lash line does require a setting time. In most cases, you will be advised to avoid getting the lashes wet for anywhere between six to 24-hours. Once the lash glue has set, you can bathe, swim and wash your face as you would normally. However, sticking to lukewarm or cool water will help preserve the adhesive, and you should always be careful to avoid pulling on the lashes as you wash your face.

Use Caution With Eye Makeup

With a full set of lashes, minimal eye makeup is needed to draw attention to one of your favorite features. However, you may still prefer to add a touch of shadow or mascara to make your eyes really pop. When possible, choose eye makeup that is not oil-based since certain types of oils can dissolve the lash adhesive. You should also apply mascara to the tips of your lashes only to avoid having it get clumpy at the base of your lash line.

Whether you go for a sultry cat eye or prefer the dramatic effect of a full set of extensions, this is one beauty treatment that enhances your overall appearance. While you should still expect to go for touch-ups as your lashes naturally grow in and fall out, you can get the most out of your beauty treatment by knowing how to care for your lashes.