Setting Up Your New Salon

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If you are opening a beauty salon, you have a lot of decorating and furnishing to do. Below, you can learn about the things you are going to need to pay attention to and put into place in order to create a great salon for your clients.

Furnishing the waiting area

You are going to want to offer very comfortable seating in the waiting area. You are also going to want to have end tables that are large enough for you to display plenty of hairstyle books and magazines. You should also have a small bookshelf where you can keep even more of these books and magazines.

Furnishing the haircut and style areas

When it comes to the haircut and style area, you will need other types of furniture and workstations. You need to have stations with enough space on the top for all of the beautician's tools of the trade they may need out at one time. Plus, the workstations should also have shelves and drawers where they can store the rest of their equipment. There also needs to be large mirrors at each one of the workstations that allow the clients to check out their new hair styles.

Designing the shampoo area

When it comes to the shampoo areas, you are going to want to have separate sinks that are far enough away from one another that one client won't get accidentally sprayed by the water intended for another client. The sinks need to be hair shampooing sinks that offer the built-in neck rest for the clients to set their neck so their head will set comfortably in the sink. The sinks also need to have hose faucets that the beauticians will use to wash and rinse the client's hair completely and with total control.

Furnishing the workstations and shampoo areas

You need to offer the right salon chairs for both the workstations and the shampoo sinks. Go with all-purpose salon chairs that are comfortable for the clients. They should also have foot bars to raise and lower the chairs that do so slowly so the beauticians can raise and lower clients without jarring or startling them. The salon chairs should also be made of a material that is going to be easy for the beauticians to wipe down and to thoroughly clean. The material also needs to be thick so you know that the chairs are going to last for a long time to come.